The World Book Blog Tour

The World Book Blog Tour provides a format to get acquainted with authors and their works. Each author is invited by a friend who in turn invites more friends. It’s sort of daisy chain of creativity. Thanks, readers, for taking a minute to check it out!

Thanks as well to Steve Warner for inviting me to take part in this blog tour. Steve has enjoyed success as a counselor for many years. His book, Milestones: On the Road Home, is a collection of reflections on living in grace and truth. Gleaned from Scripture, over 25 years of counseling experiences, and real-life examples, Milestones is biblical, insightful, and fiercely practical. It offers guidance to challenge and encourage you on your road to intimacy with God and others.  The questions for reflection, suggested prayers, and identified “milestones” for each chapter bring the relational message of God’s Word all the way home—to your heart!

These are the questions posed by the World Blog Tour:

What am I working on?

I am working on a companion devotional for Combat Ready. I am posting the daily devotionals here on this blog as I do them. I am also planning on going back to school to finish my Master’s degree soon. I am on sabbatical as a pastor so I am working at a property management company, which I love.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

The genre I am writing in is a very small one, Christian Military, so there are not too many other books similar to mine out there. Although I was not a Christian while in the military, I believe my experience in the military has made me a better Christian. My writing has a military background, but I write in the way where everyone can understand it and get something from it.

Why do I write what I do?

Easy answer: I love it. First, it gets me closer to God. For me to write something worth reading, I need to be in the Word of God more and in deep prayer. I want what I’m putting out to be inspirational. Second, it is a way to reach people. I’m not a great talker, so I use my writing to do my talking. Third, I’ve been told I’m good at it. I’m my greatest critic so I think I need a lot of improvement. I’m not aiming to be the greatest writer ever, I just want to be able to reach a few people for the kingdom.

How does my writing process work?

From the big picture to the details. When I wrote Combat Ready I started out with an idea, comparing military life to Christian life. Then I did a general outline for the chapters. Then I did a detailed outline for each chapter I was working on. I spent a couple of hours every Monday writing (until I got closer to the end, then it was almost every day). I stayed disciplined with not spending too much time writing and letting it simmer. Now, again, I am only using Monday’s to write my devotional.

Next stop of the World Blog Book Tour?

J. V. Carr is the author of Username: Bladen, a Christian fiction book with a good modern twist. What if messing up insanely in a video game could somehow cause serious catastrophic events on Earth? Like maybe a devastating hurricane or an airplane crash? That’s what happens to eighteen-year-old Bladen, after he’s chosen to play in the real-life game Arcis. At first he thinks it’s cool, until his dreams become plagued by a black widow spider that begs for his help; death players want to murder life players like him on Earth, and Bladen realizes that when a level is lost, disasters can’t be stopped.

Bladen’s life becomes more and more tormented, as he stumbles between two worlds filled with hatred, jealousy, and love, until he hits a turning point and has to decide what he wants—to continue to sacrifice in the game, even if it costs him his life, or give it all up for his first love. Be sure to visit her blog and buy her book on Amazon.

Daniel Dorey is the author of The Olive Principle: Finding Your Way Back to GodDaniel is a police chaplain and has a doctorate in Theology. In The Olive Principle, minister and author Daniel R. Dorey discusses the reasons believers are lured away from God and recommends action steps to accepting the challenge of becoming a true servant of God. Complementing the study of scripture, The Olive Principle unravels the twisted deception used by Satan. Dorey brings you face-to-face with the truth and assists you on the path to spiritual maturity. Be sure to buy his book.

Heather Thompson Day is the author of four books, Hook, Line, and Sinker, Cracked Glass, How to Feed the Mediavore: The 30 Day Challenge, and The God Myth: And Other LiesHeather Thompson Day is working on her PhD at Andrews University. She teaches Communications courses at Southwestern Michigan College, Ferris State University, & Andrews University. She resides in Berrien Springs MI with her husband Seth Day, and her two children. Be sure to read her blog and buy one of her books.

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