Oh, So That’s How God Answers Prayers

Flat tire in Nevada

Flat tire in Nevada

It’s nice to be able to sit down at the computer and update my blog. As you may or may not already know, my wife and I arrived in Redding, CA exactly 2 weeks ago today after a long and arduous trip. We came here to work at a small 2-year-old church with the task to revive and grow it. Getting here was the hard part.

In the weeks leading up to the move from Michigan I had been continuously praying this prayer, “Lord, since you want us to go to Redding with no promise of any income or place to call home, I fully expect You to supply all of our needs.” Let me show you just how God answered my prayers:

Getting a home

If you have ever moved across country then you know just how difficult it is to find a new place to live. Pictures on the Internet aren’t good enough, you need to walk through a place to get a full grasp of it. To make a long story short, we found a place before we got here, were able to walk through it the day after we got here, and we loved it. It’s the nicest house we have ever lived in, in a great neighborhood, and we have 2 plum trees in the back. Can’t get better than that.

Financial Crisis

Seeing how we didn’t have any income lined up, we saved several thousand dollars to cover moving expenses and 3 months of rent before we moved. On top of that we moved with some friends and shared a moving truck. We decided to go with Budget since they were several hundred dollars cheaper than Uhaul. Well, you get what you pay for.

In Iowa, our second day on the journey, the fan belt shredded to pieces. We made it all the way to Utah when it overheated 500 feet from a mountain summit before Salt Lake City. They said it will be about 6 hours before someone could get to us so we decided to start it back up. We made it to the top and the rest of the way though Utah before overheating again just as we passed into Nevada. We decided to get a room as we waited for Budget to send someone out. All they did was add radiator fluid. The next day, we got a flat tire on the trailer in the middle of nowhere in Nevada. We eventually made it to Reno, where again, the truck overheated. There was no point in waiting for someone to service it so we left after it cooled off. Several hours later, in Susanville, CA, once more, it overheated going up a mountain. Again, we let it cool off and started it back up again. 30 miles from Redding, as we were coming down a mountain, the ABS and brake lights came on. The brakes were struggling to slow the truck down as we came down the mountain after twilight. Needless to say, the trip was not fun at all! And, on top of all the trouble, gas ended up costing $300 more than we expected.

Answered prayers

After our third breakdown it dawned on me. All this trouble was an answer to prayer. What? How can troubled times be an answer to prayer? I’ll tell you how. I had been praying about our finances and God helped us out. If we had rented a Uhaul, not only would it have cost more, we would have gotten to Redding with no problems at all. Since we did have problems with our rental truck, we got several hundred dollars back! Now that’s how God answers prayers.

On top of that blessing, we are now getting a stipend from church that we were not expecting. God is so good. Therefore, the next time you start complaining about going through trials and troubles, stop for a minute and think about it. Is this part of God’s plan? Should you be rejoicing over this? God doesn’t always answer prayers the way we expect Him to. You NEED to be keenly aware of everything going on around you or you can miss a great blessing from God.

Feel free to leave your comments on how God answered your prayers.


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