Can you trust in the prophets?

Tomb of Zechariah

Tomb of Zechariah (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I read the Old Testament prophets and read about the stuff they saw in visions it really makes me think. Some of those visions were really weird. I mean, what would you think if someone told you they saw a 30′ long scroll flying through the sky? Or, they said they saw two women with stork wings? Or, they see hallucinations of the devil and angels? Would you think they were crazy? Probably. They may need some medication and put into an institution. That’s what our society would do anyway.

Those are the types of visions that Zechariah, an Old Testament prophet, had. They were strange but they had an intended message. At the same time, Zechariah and all the other prophets were competing against false prophets. It was so bad, Israel rejected all the prophets unless they said something positive. Rejecting God’s messengers, and ultimately rejecting God, is what led Israel into all kinds of trouble. They weren’t in tune with what God wanted for them nor did they have any trust in God.

Prophets of Old

Why do we even waste our time reading these complex Old Testament prophecies? This is why: part of the message was intended for people during Zechariah’s time, part of it was for the time of Jesus, and some of it was intended for us today. Some of what is said in the Bible may sound crazy and strange, but it has a purpose. God is trying to get our attention any way He possible can.

Good Questions

It all comes down to one word: trust. Can we really trust what the prophets said over 2,500 years ago? Actually, can we trust what God says? That’s the real question. Everything God says and does has one goal in mind—our salvation.

I’m leaving you with many questions today. The biggest one is, can you really trust God? You need to dig down and answer this question for yourself. Nobody else can answer it for you. If you can’t answer it or you can’t trust God, then ask yourself why not. Have you studied the Scriptures lately?

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